How Uber Driver Gave Back My Lost Android Phone

Written by Sid

I am a huge fan of Uber, the Google-backed taxi service that is now available in major cities of India. Even in the US, when I was studying, I found Uber in San Francisco and Los Angeles a delight to use.

How to Transfer O2 Phone Number to a New Phone or Sim Card?

O2 has many SIM cards available, out of which the Pay Monthly and Pay & Go SIM cards are popular. If you have any O2 SIM card (be it business or international) that you would like to use on your new phone,

Why Smartphones Are Lost & Misplaced, And What You Can Do About It

We all know those magicians who do wonderful tricks on us. These tricks are not real, yet we are sometimes blown away by it. Why?

Magicians — old and new — have understood the concept of human attention span.

Misuse of Stolen Mobiles Lead To High Call Charges & Worries Government

What happens when your phone is lost or stolen?

You now have to hunt for the device, or get a new one, right? Before that, you must be prepared for the enormous phone bills.

According to the recent news revealed at BBC,

All About Motorola Keylink: The Bluetooth Tracking Device For iPhones & Androids

It’s funny.

You see, if a company invents something truly innovative in the gadget space, and it is adapted aggressively by the consumers — more companies will follow that success path.

This leads to more options for the consumers,

Mobile Stealer: How I Dealt With A Cheater Stealing Phone

Written by Akansha

In this article I want to share with you a unique experience with online mobile phone stealers who try to cheat and steal your smartphone using a sneaky technique. You will see what happened with me and how I played with these low-life mobile scammers in a moment.

Can WAY2SMS Mobile Locator Find Address?

Sumit asks: So I was using to send free text messages to a mobile number. For some reason the messages weren’t getting through and then a further browsing through the site led to the mobile locator application.

LiveViewGPS.COM Website Down

Wish we could “track” why website is no longer working. The website is down for reasons unknown.

If you are familiar with the GPS tracking industry, you will know LiveViewGPS offers one of the most popular GPS tracking product in the market.

A Successful Bird Chase Through Mobile Tracking Device

How many of you remember seeing exotic birds sitting on your arms and staring right into your eyes while making some weird noises? Well, it’s definitely not an everyday scene for us. However, it will be — starting today.

As a nonprofit zoo dedicated only for birds,

How Mobile Tracking Apps Are Misused By Stalkers

At Mylostcellphone we always share with you techniques to find your lost or stolen mobile phones. We even have a dedicated section for tracking lost and stolen phones that shows you various simple ways to track your mobile phone.