Why Smartphones Are Lost & Misplaced, And What You Can Do About It

We all know those magicians who do wonderful tricks on us. These tricks are not real, yet we are sometimes blown away by it. Why?

Magicians — old and new — have understood the concept of human attention span. You see, our brain works at a snail speed, and if anyone can grab our attention… they have with them the greatest power in the world.

That is why news channels, programs like Breaking Bad, or even movies are popular among us.

This power to grab attention is what makes magicians the master — at will, they can bend our attention and make illusions seem believable.

So what does this has to do with this article?

Our Attention Span Is Now Significantly Lower Than Ever Before!

Don’t think so? As per Statistic Brain, in the year 2000, our attention span was a healthy 12 seconds – which was much better than the 9 second attention span of a gold fish.

Now, in 2013, we humans have lost about 35% of our power — the new average attention span is 8 seconds.

And this is why we easily misplace our items — cell phones, keychains, books, wallets, car keys, and so on. In fact, this is the year where thousands have lost their mobile phones.

It surely has to do with our attention span, right?

We lose devices not because we “forget” things, but it is because our attention span is getting lower by the day. While magicians may take this to their advantage, the bigger problem is that it will only get worse with years to come. And that is why…

The Answer Is In The Technology

As mentioned in our mobile tracking guide, Apple has introduced a free Find My Phone service to locate iPhones and iPads.

Other companies like Microsoft and Google have come up with similar technology that will trace the device almost immediately.

Here’s how this works: you have to install a piece of software or sign up to a website and link your mobile phone. And oh, you also need Internet connection to track the device.

That last feature can be a deal breaker to many, but for decade using software was easily the best way to track your mobile phone.

Since a year or two, we are seeing many hardware devices that is helping in tracking devices. You will notice now…

Companies Like Motorola Have Come Up With Bluetooth Tracking

And so large companies like Motorola have introduced new devices that will track lost and misplaced mobile phones for you using bluetooth technology.

You get a separate device, in this case a key chain, which you can use to find your device. It is called Motorola Keylink and costs about $25 in the market.

Motorola Keylink is a keychain that does two things: first, you can use it as a traditional keychain. Second, you can link it to your phone and track the device via bluetooth.


You have to install a Motorola Connect app on your iPhone and Android. Then, assuming you have lost your phone, you have to be under 100 feet away with this keychain. It will detect the device for you.

In fact, there is a button in this keylink. Press it twice to ring your lost phone.

As many people are losing phones, and they cannot operate using a tracking software (because they did not install or activate this feature), a physical hardware makes a lot of sense.

If you haven’t bought one yet, it is time to do so. You can always find cheap, affordable, and unique accessories that will help you find out the location of any mobile phone within seconds.

That’s not all — Sprint has come up with a full-featured phone mobile, called Sprint Wego, that is developed specifically to find your kids current location.

Times are changing in the mobile tracking world. If you are stuck with the software for long time, look into hardware and get yourself and your close ones a couple of useful tracking devices to keep in touch, always. Check out Amazon.com as it has interesting deals on mobile trackers right now.

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