Can WAY2SMS Mobile Locator Find Address?

Sumit asks: So I was using to send free text messages to a mobile number. For some reason the messages weren’t getting through and then a further browsing through the site led to the mobile locator application. I see way2sms has a mobile tracking app where we have to enter mobile number to get all the details. Is there a way to obtain address of caller through this mobile tracking app?

Answer: It’s important to note that we have several ways to find location. Head over to our free mobile tracking guide where you will find various well-known technologies that will help you find lost and stolen devices. But we are talking specifically about Way2sms here, right?

Well, to start with, you should know that way2sms does offer a full version free service of their mobile number finder app (and not trial version like many others). Here is how to use Way2sms’s tracking app to search caller’s addresses: add any Indian mobile number (be it Airtel, Docomo, BSNL) and then click on the “Find Location” to obtain location details. It’s that simple!

However, you already that the Way2sms locator app does show the location of the caller but it is very limited.

For example, when I entered a prepaid mobile number (of an old SIM card) and clicked the button I was shown three things: first, the mobile number, next the state, and lastly the mobile provider (which was Airtel in this case). Here’s a problem now. You will find all these information on any site that can track mobile location.

From your question, what you actually want is a free mobile tracking software or web application that can find the accurate details, name and even address of the phone caller. In that case, the way2sms app is very limited.

A much better mobile locator alternative is available in our phone tracking section as mentioned before. Take the Airtel Mobile Phone Locator and tracker for example — it’s a paid service but it will show you the exact location of the person if he/she an Airtel sim card or phone number. If you are on GPS, it is much more easier to find a person’s location through their mobile number.

Hope this helps.

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