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Misuse of Stolen Mobiles Lead To High Call Charges & Worries Government

What happens when your phone is lost or stolen?

You now have to hunt for the device, or get a new one, right? Before that, you must be prepared for the enormous phone bills.

According to the recent news revealed at BBC, consumers have been charged bills of up to 23000 pounds each after losing their mobile phones.

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LiveViewGPS.COM Website Down

Wish we could “track” why website is no longer working. The website is down for reasons unknown.

If you are familiar with the GPS tracking industry, you will know LiveViewGPS offers one of the most popular GPS tracking product in the market. In real-time you can track and monitor location on your smartphones like iPhone and Android.

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How Mobile Tracking Apps Are Misused By Stalkers

At Mylostcellphone we always share with you techniques to find your lost or stolen mobile phones. We even have a dedicated section for tracking lost and stolen phones that shows you various simple ways to track your mobile phone. But here’s something else you should know.

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How A Stolen GPS System Was Tracked Down By Cops

Steal a GPS system. Get Lost. And call cops. Get the idea? Well, you will in a few seconds right after I tell you one of the most bizarre story in the history of stealing.

Here’s what happened: A 24-year-old Andrew called 911 in the middle of the night to get help.

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Imported GSM Phones & Unauthorized IMEI Number In India

What happens when you import a mobile phone to India?

Few years ago importing cell phones was like bringing a bunch of keychains with you. You could pocket as many as you want and no one questioned you. It was really effortless! All this has changed though.

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It’s Illegal To Return Lost Phone For Money!

Imagine dropping a pencil on the floor. Now, before you do anything, someone picks it up for you… then demands money to return it. Is that legal?

The exact example applies for mobile phones. If someone finds your lost phone, then that person cannot ask money. And if they do,

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Avoid Android Phones With Fake IMEI Numbers

Here’s a surprising fact for you: Thousands of fake Android smartphones (be it GSM or CDMA-based) with invalid IMEI numbers are sold in the market. And people, some like you, lose money by getting these phones. Let me explain.

If you have purchased a brand new Android phone from a local store and you have found out the phone displays an “Invalid IMEI” error then you have just got yourself into a problem.

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Brothersoft Removes IMEI Changing Software

Brothersoft, one of the most popular site to download softwares, has removed the IMEI changing software for reasons unknown to us. This free software allowed you to change the 14/15 digit IMEI number of any mobile phone through a very simple interface.

As mentioned in our IMEI tracking guide,

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GPS Navigation System Helps in Finding Location Of Stolen Truck

Possibility of finding a stolen or misplaced device is greater when we have GPS technology with us. And here’s another news on how a company used the modern GPS tracking technology and systems to find the exact location of their stolen truck.

MacKenzie Heating and Cooling Service installed GPS monitoring system in its fleet years ago.

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55% Lost Phones Were Returned To Its Original Owner

What are you the chances of getting back your lost cell phone?

Security company Symantec conducted an experiment wherein they intentionally dropped a couple of mobile phones in Canadian cities, then wait for people to pick them up. This led to two consequences:

  • Either someone picks up the lost phone and returns it back to the original owner
  • Or someone picks up the lost phone and never returns the device.

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