It’s Illegal To Return Lost Phone For Money!

Imagine dropping a pencil on the floor. Now, before you do anything, someone picks it up for you… then demands money to return it. Is that legal?

The exact example applies for mobile phones. If someone finds your lost phone, then that person cannot ask money. And if they do, let the cops handle this matter.

Here’s what happened this month:

As per Colorado Springs police, a man was detained for asking money to return a woman’s lost mobile phone.

Returning phone for $50 was the plan, but the lady couldn’t digest this fact. After all, it’s her phone and she doesn’t want to pay anything to get it back.

Next thing you know, cops were at the location where the money was to be exchanged. They wanted to verify if the person was indeed taking money to return the cell phone…

Man Caught Demanding Money To Return Phone!

The man, aged 42, approached the victim’s car and asked cash in exchange for the phone.

From Gazette:

“A police officer waited in the vehicle with the woman and a second officer watched from a marker cruiser on the 700 block of South Academy Boulevard, where she had agreed to meet the man and make the exchange, police said.

Jason Domingue, 42, allegedly approached the victim’s car about 10:30 p.m. and asked her for the cash in exchange for the phone, police said.”

Such incidents are nothing new. One of our reader also shared the conversation between him and the thief who stole his iPhone. This thief demanded money to return the device.

What happened next was unknown, but our advice was always this: If anyone is demanding money to return your phone, contact your nearest police station. He or she is attempting to sell goods that belongs to you — and this is against the law.

Offer Reward For Returning Devices

Remember how this man offered a reward if anyone found his iPhone 4S?

You can take this route. In other words, if you have lost anything, you can offer a reward. This increases your increases to get back the device. But never ever pay anything to anyone that “demands” money!

You see, there is a difference between “demand” and “reward.”

Anyone demanding cash for your goods is clearly on the wrong side. Don’t let them take advantage of you. Just get in touch with the cops.

On the other hand, if you really want to reward, no one can stop you from doing that.

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