Airtel Tracking: Find Lost or Stolen Airtel Mobile And Phone Number

In this section you will learn how to track your Airtel smartphone and your Airtel mobile phone number. Before that, let us look at the location tracking services that Airtel provides to its existing customers:

Airtel Tracking Service: Use Mobile Locator

Airtel Mobile Locator is one of the most easiest way to find your lost or stolen mobile phone. You have to subscribe to this service first, after which you can get the phone location effortlessly by calling customer care number.

You have to pay a small monthly fee every year to use Airtel Mobile Locator though. At about Rs. 199 ($4) per year this is a great solution for anyone wanting to protect their mobile phones from loss and theft.

Airtel Tracking Service: Send Emergency Alert

After subscribing to Emergency Alert via SMS, you have to dial one number and that will immediately notice all your friends and family members of your current location. Not that this service does not help you in finding your lost or stolen Airtel mobile phone.

What it really does is send a notification to people you know. And you have to send this from your Airtel mobile phone, hence the name “emergency alert.”

Note: This new Airtel tracking feature works only in some countries.

Airtel Tracking Based On Phone Type

Now, to track Airtel phone we first have to divide the type of phones available. First we have Airtel basic handsets and next Airtel smartphones (usually Android based).

Find Airtel Basic Phones: If you have lost a basic handset, call Airtel customer care first to notify them. They will suggest you to block the number. Next they will tell you that the phone location cannot be revealed unless you have a proof.

In that case you have to approach police station (no other way for basic handsets, unfortunately) and file a complaint. The cops will register the complaint, head over to Airtel office to see if they can find the location. Now, it doesn’t happen like this every time. Sometimes the cops refuse to take any action. Other times Airtel will not entertain these complaints, unless it’s really important.

What you have to do is give it a try. That’s the only way to get back your phone.

Find Airtel Smartphones: A smartphone is now a pocket computer, and it can do almost everything you want. So make sure your Android phone has a tracking software installed. And if it does, then you can remotely find the accurate location of your mobile phone right from your computer.

It’s possible to know the location on maps, then find the device in less than few hours. However, Airtel Android phones does not come with built-in cellular trackers. This also means you must have third-party tracking apps pre-installed on your mobile phone. And when that happens, tracking is an effortless process.


Tracing a mobile phone, be it Airtel or any other brand, is no different than tracking any other devices. You have to resort to traditional methods. And if you don’t have any of the apps or services pre-installed on your mobile phone, you have to take other steps like: posting classified ads, announcing on Twitter and Facebook and so on.

Ultimately, to get back your Airtel mobile phone you have to work hard. You have to file a complaint. Learn to use remote GPS and mobile tracking softwares. You have to post on the Internet. Only then you will be able to get back your mobile phone.