Get New Airtel SIM Card if You Have Lost Your Phone

If you are wondering what to do if you have lost your mobile phone with an Airtel SIM card in it, then think again because Airtel recommends you to buy a new SIM card. That’s right! If you have lost Airtel SIM card because your phone was stolen or lost somewhere, then you have to immediately register a complaint to Airtel through any other mobile phone.

Give a call to customer care service at +91-22-41710000 (charges applicable) and reveal that you’d like to know more ways to recover the lost SIM card. While they will be able to provide a few details, but the ultimate answer will be to transfer remaining balance to a new Airtel SIM card.

The remaining balance left in your old SIM can also be transferred to a new SIM card. You can also order a duplicate SIM card by visiting any Airtel outlet in your city.

Any balance used by the thief from your phone will not be transferred. In fact, if you are not able to provide the same documents and photos during registration of new SIM card, then you will receive no balance and you have to recharge the new SIM card again.