Subscribe to Airtel Emergency Alert Location Service

Airtel India’s new alert service sends your location to your friends and families. You don’t need to have 3G or WiFi. It does everything for you. All you have to is subscribe to the service, and then dial a number.

What the Airtel Emergency Alert will do is find your current location and send text messages to your friends and families. In this article you will learn how to setup this alert service and how to use it effectively.

Note: Airtel Emergency Alert works only in India.

Airtel Emergency Alert: Activation

To activate this emergency alert, you have to send SMS to 55100 from your Airtel device (can be Airtel SIM card or Airtel mobile phone). In this SMS type the following:

START < first mobile number > < second mobile number >

Note that SMS’es to 55100 are not charged. 55100 is toll-free.

What we are doing is sending the mobile number of our friends and families.

Airtel Emergency Alert: Cost

After adding the mobile numbers, you can now inform them about you anytime. And you don’t have to pay for this, as it will be covered in the subscription cost.

You see, Airtel Emergency Alert will cost you Rs. 30 for 30 days. For prepaid accounts, Rs. 10 for 10 days will be charged. And if that fails, Airtel will automatically charge Rs. 1.5 daily.

Airtel Emergency Alert: Instructions to Use

-> DIAL 55100 and disconnect. The service will automatically send EMERGENCY alerts to your loved ones with your location.

-> SMS SAFE to 55100, or, dial 55100 and press 2. The service will automatically inform your loved ones that you are safe.

-> SMS HELP to 55100, and the service will inform your loved ones that you need help..

-> SMS’ing TRACK ON to 55100 will activate tracking.

-> SMS’ing TRACK OFF to 55100 will deactivate tracking.

Alternatively, you can also activate or deactivate tracking by dialing 55100 and following the instructions on the system.