Can I Use TraceMate To Find Airtel Mobile Number Location?

Anusha asks:

So I received a call from Airtel customer care because I lost my Airtel SIM card and lodged a complaint. They told me they can only block phone number of Airtel SIM and issue a duplicate card for charge. I Googled and found Airtel’s service called Trace Mate but I couldn’t find anything about pricing. Just wanted to know if Airtel provides phone number tracking? And how can I use Trace Mate to find location of a missing Airtel SIM card?


Airtel has many tracking services, but all of them works only if you have subscribed to these services. Take the Airtel Mobile Locator service for example. It will help you find your mobile phone (and SIM card) using GPS technology. And it will work only if you subscribed to it before losing the cell phone.

Similarly, Airtel provides Airtel Emergency Alert service that sends a notification to all of your families and friends for a monthly fee. In this notification they will receive your current location details. This is done through real-time location tracking technology.

But both of them will not help you in finding your SIM card or mobile phone. Also note that the SIM card should be inserted into the device, only then you can track the location. However, it’s important to mention that the name of the person, address, and every other details cannot be tracked.

Next, you have also asked about traceMATE.

This tracking service does exist and anyone can use this. However, it’s only limited for vehicles. In other words, traceMATE is a vehicle tracking service. Not a mobile tracking service. A business owner can use traceMATE to track the vehicle, monitor its usage, see vehicle start and stop points, and also obtain location information in minutes.

I have confirmed with Airtel that traceMATE does not help you in finding lost or stolen Airtel mobile phones. You cannot even find or get details of the person who owns Airtel phone number. Your only option to find the location is to install third-party tracking apps or use Airtel services. And that should be done prior to losing your device.

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