Perfect Place for Women to Hide a Cellphone

Perfect Place for Women to Hide a Cellphone

Scarf, handbag or call this thing a purse, but you can wear it and of course hide anything — from a couple of phones to money and credit cards, this thing is a must-have for any and every woman. A Scarf Can Stop you from Losing your cellphone Lugging a purse around and putting the [...]

Spying and Monitoring Phone Calls, SMS Messages using Third-party Apps

Two people talking over the phone is common, but what if another person can record or listen to their conversation. This is completely true: the other person can track calls and log them in real-time, that too from any place. Here is a video from Fox News explaining how phone calls between East L.A. and [...]

Secretly Spying Spouses Mobile Phone Using Tracking Softwares

“I want to know what my spouse is doing when she is out and not with me.” Finding out if your spouse is loyal and faithful to you or not is possible by spying the data available on their cell phones. According to a recent news from Sunday Mail, people can track behavior of their [...]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Hello WordPress, thanks for the warm welcome. Today, I am launching this site to the web world. Oh yes, I am the owner of this new site now. MyLostCellPhone is a lengthy name, yes, but it’s the one you will [...]