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Below you will find real stories from people who were able to recover their smartphones. Feel free to read these stories to get a better understanding on how cell phones can be retrieved… sometimes through technology and sometimes through sheer luck.

How Uber Driver Gave Back My Lost Android Phone

Written by Sid

I am a huge fan of Uber, the Google-backed taxi service that is now available in major cities of India. Even in the US, when I was studying, I found Uber in San Francisco and Los Angeles a delight to use.

So this happened to me almost 3 months ago.

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Mobile Stealer: How I Dealt With A Cheater Stealing Phone

Written by Akansha

In this article I want to share with you a unique experience with online mobile phone stealers who try to cheat and steal your smartphone using a sneaky technique. You will see what happened with me and how I played with these low-life mobile scammers in a moment.

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Successfully Deactivated my Stolen Nokia Phone

Sent by Ankit:

I had a basic Nokia handset — Nokia 6600 — that I have been using since last 3 years. Long story short, I lost it on my way to office. May be someone stole it? I don’t know, but what I know is that I was never able to find the missing phone back again.

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How I Blocked Phone Number from Unknown Caller in India

Sent by Tanya:

The other day I was talking to my foreign friend about mobile phones in India. She was surprised that everyone here has a phone. It’s true that you can dial whoever you want and get in touch with anyone any time of the day,

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How GPS System Helped me Trace Back my Phone

Sent by Rachana:

Life gets really hectic when one has to manage work and home together. ‘Chaotic’ would be the right adjective for my state of my mind in the morning, as I am a PR manager. There are so many thoughts running through my head that I forget things easily.

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How I Found my Lost Android Phone Without Any App

Last birthday my brother gifted me a new Android-powered HTC One smartphone — I absolutely relished the features of this device. Apart from being my gadget from communication, I made my work easier too. Further, I found this as my personal piece of entertainment too. I used to download gaming applications and watch movies almost every day!

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Lost my Micromax phone and Found it the Next Day

I was using Micromax A101 smartphone when I was in college. I gave this phone to my brother after becoming an IT Professional and switched to another Micromax-branded Android smartphone. This time I bought myself a Micromax A116 Canvas HD device — it’s a really value-for-money, superb phone!

My bond with the phone didn’t last longer though.

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How I Tracked Location of my Lost Nokia Lumia Phone

How does it feel to misplace a brand new smartphone? Let me tell you how I felt: I was devastated.

My cousin staying in the US gifted me a Nokia Lumia 920 phone this summer. Red in color, this is a heavy — in terms of weight and price — smartphone that is powered by Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

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How I found my Lost Samsung Galaxy S3 on Quikr

I must be the (un)luckiest girl on the planet.

Last week I went to meet my friends at a restaurant. It was a long time since we met, which made this moment special for all of us. We had food, and a bit of drinks in between.

We left at around 11 PM,

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Spending a day after losing my Cell Phone

I lost my mobile phone last week. It was an iPhone, unlocked and in a pretty good condition. My smartphone also had a $99 case on the back and a cheap screen protector in the front. You could say that I cared more about my iPhone 4S than anything else because,

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