How GPS System Helped me Trace Back my Phone

Sent by Rachana:

Life gets really hectic when one has to manage work and home together. ‘Chaotic’ would be the right adjective for my state of my mind in the morning, as I am a PR manager. There are so many thoughts running through my head that I forget things easily.

On one such hectic day my absent mindedness led to something big, and that too not in a good day. Simply put, I misplaced my smartphone! Somewhere around the mid morning coffee break I realized my Sony Xperia Z was missing. My baby was gone, although I still had my iPhone on the table — I use two phones, one for work and other for personal use.

Sony Xperia, the Android-powered phone, was my personal phone.

How I Misplaced My Sony Smartphone

There were so many places I had been to that morning that I just couldn’t recall where I had left my phone.

I went to the bakery early morning, left off kids at the bus stop, after which I stopped at a café to grab rolls and coffee, dropped off laundry while driving to the office, and then rushed straight into the conference room.

Furthermore, I had been talking to quite a few people in office that morning, so I had been in and out of many cabins and meeting rooms apart from the cafeteria. My mind was beginning to get dizzy as I couldn’t recollect anything about the phone.

I was apprehensive about popping into everyone’s office and asking them if they have spotted by phone anywhere!

Tracking Lost Phone Through GPS

I did not have any security or cell-tracker apps installed on my Xperia phone, which forced me to think of GPS systems.

GPS, as I already knew, stands for global positioning system. I believed strongly that this mechanism, which sends out radio signals that can be read by phones with GPS receivers, will prove to be a great
method to track down my phone and isolate its location.

I had my blind faith on GPS system because a friend of mine works closely with these systems. She told me that GPS can track my lost device even when I do not know the location. GPS would tell me exactly where the phone is if you have lost, misplaced or left it at any friend’s place.

This friend told me that GPS must have been activated on my device.

So thankfully, my phone did have a GPS tracker. Thus, she just logged onto the Internet and showed me the location of the device.

This GPS system in my phone started communicating with satellites in the global positioning system when I activate it to track down my cell phone. I knew that data from at least three such satellites will be used by the system to locate the position of my phone based on its internal method called Trilaterates, which sounded even more beneficial.

Hence, things were much easier for me to track down my phone. To my utter astonishment I found that the phone was not ‘someone else’s property’ till then and was lying at a single location! I thank God for this as if the phone would have kept on moving from one location to another, it would have added further to my woes.

Thankfully, GPS helped me to search out the location, which was my laundry! Turns out; I left my phone at the laundry service. They also did not bother to get in touch as they were packed with other work. I have become a fan of GPS now after getting my phone back and recommend it to everyone.

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