How I Found my Lost Android Phone Without Any App

Last birthday my brother gifted me a new Android-powered HTC One smartphone — I absolutely relished the features of this device. Apart from being my gadget from communication, I made my work easier too. Further, I found this as my personal piece of entertainment too. I used to download gaming applications and watch movies almost every day!

But I don’t mind confessing that I am a bit dreamy and absent minded! Right from childhood I have lost things like handkerchiefs, keys, wallets, pencil boxes, books, and even money! My family members and friends used to make sure that no precious articles would be in my charge when we used to go out together. As these things were valuables and some of which were connected to security of our home (keys mainly) I always felt so bad losing them that I wanted to kill myself!

But habit is an ingrained thing, and to be honest, I couldn’t change it. The resultant was that one day I lost my android phone and went absolutely crazy! It had some valuable data, contact numbers and images! Everything is gone. Such is life, I thought.

Losing HTC One

I was on my way to meet a friend and was standing in the railway ticket counter behind a long queue. I remember that when my turn came, the phone was in my hand along with the money. I took my ticket, put the ticket along with the change inside my pocket and walked away.

Only after I got off the train at my destination, I realized that I had left it at the ticket counter! I had suffered because of my absent mindedness once again. Apart from the monetary loss, I was also missing the comfort and convenience my Droid gadget had brought in my life. It was the mother of all losses for me!!

I knew from my friend circle that all Android phones have the facility to download a phone tracking application to safeguard the phone. But I cursed myself as being too casual; I didn’t care to install any tracking application! I wanted my Android smartphone back now at any cost and did not know what to do!

I called up my number in blind hope that the person who got it might be honest and will return it to me! But quite commonly, when I called my number it was switched off! It’s stolen, I thought. Then, in order to ensure that my phone would not be misused, I called up my service provider and asked them block my card so that the ‘filthy’ thief cannot misuse my number.

When I planned to lodge a police complaint, I was asked a question which surprised me – ‘What is the IMEI number of your Android set?” Although I was not too serious about IMEI number, luckily I had made a note of my phone’s IMEI number when I had bought it never ever imagining this could be my saviour! I thank my ‘sometimes being intelligent’ attitude for this.

What I did during that time was that in order to know the IMEI of my handset, I dialled *#06#. As a result of this, a pop up appeared on the screen displaying the IMEI number, which I had noted down in my diary.

Lodging a Complaint to Recover my Lost Phone

Now it was my turn to retrieve my Android using this IMEI number. Hence, I handed over the IMEI number to the investigating officer. The police told me not to worry and that the chances of me getting my phone back were fair enough now.

A couple of days later the police called me to collect my handset! I felt like out of the world! It was basically a dream come true! The police said that it had coordinated with my service provider to track down the location of my Android by means of the IMEI number.

Even during the fraction of moment when the phone got switched on the IMEI number got activated, thereby helping them to trace out the exact location by locating approximately three posts closer to the Droid. Thus, police reached in time to find out my Droid, and helped my retrieve back my valuable data present in the same too!

Now I suggest all my friends to note down their IMEI numbers as soon as they buy a handset — whether it is an Android, iPhone or anything else. Believe me; if I can retrieve back my phone, everyone can be lucky!

– Seema Agarwal

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  1. satya says:

    i lost my phone but untill not got that can any body tell the way i got my phone.

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