Lost my Micromax phone and Found it the Next Day

I was using Micromax A101 smartphone when I was in college. I gave this phone to my brother after becoming an IT Professional and switched to another Micromax-branded Android smartphone. This time I bought myself a Micromax A116 Canvas HD device — it’s a really value-for-money, superb phone!

My bond with the phone didn’t last longer though. In fact, after 2 weeks of purchasing my phone, I lost it somewhere. Here is my story:

Losing a Micromax Phone — It Hurts!

I am known as the “safe” guy in my family. Everything is safe & secure under my presence, or so the family says. I am like a locker — I have never lost a phone, and I have certainly not lost any kind of money any time. I am always fully aware of these things, I thought.

I travel by train every day for this new job. Anyone from India, especially Mumbai, should be aware of the bustling crowd in these trains.

At 5 AM morning I was at the railway station to board the train and I reached the place by 8 AM. I was standing throughout the journey, but that’s how it usually has been since 2 weeks. What really mattered the most was that my phone and my wallet were missing when I stepped out of the train.

I was devastated to find that out.

I did ask a few around if they found a phone, and everyone were busy in their own world. I couldn’t ask anyone as all my contacts were stored on this cell phone, and I had no clue what to do next at that moment.

Tracking the Stolen Phone

At first I thought someone stole this phone. Instead of heading to the office, I went right to the nearest police station to register a FIR. I called home to get the Micromax’s IMEI number.

I never installed any security apps or GPS apps that could track my phone. As I was back home, I looked into the manual I received to see if there were any built-in cellular tracking app that comes with Micromax. Unfortunately, the manual didn’t have any answer to that.

I lost hope, as I haven’t heard any stories of someone finding their lost phone. But I was lucky.

Next day, while traveling on the same train with no phone and some money in my right pocket, an old man — who chit-chats with me every day — told his friends about a phone he found yesterday. He goes to explain that he didn’t know how to use the device, which is why he wasn’t able to find out the real owner of the phone.

I knew it was my phone, but how can I tell him that?

I took all the courage I had and told him that I also lost a wallet and a phone yesterday. He reached his hands into the cotton-made handbag, asking: “is this your phone beta?”

It was an awkward moment for me. I didn’t hesitate a bit, said yes, and sat right next to him. I showed him how to use the phone (which also confirms that I own the phone).

After we stepped out of the train, I forced him to have a breakfast with me. He was happy, and I was happy too — for I had a great time having a conversation with him and finally recovering my lost phone by sheer luck.

One comment on “Lost my Micromax phone and Found it the Next Day
  1. sada ram says:

    lost my micromax A46 mobile on 27/06/ 2014
    pls help me guys how to i find my mobile

    i have my mobile IMEI no.

    Pls call me on this mobile no7807400003
    Mail :- vickybaba9417@gmail.com
    pls find it ….
    sada ram

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