How Uber Driver Gave Back My Lost Android Phone

Written by Sid

I am a huge fan of Uber, the Google-backed taxi service that is now available in major cities of India. Even in the US, when I was studying, I found Uber in San Francisco and Los Angeles a delight to use.

So this happened to me almost 3 months ago.

Hanging Out With Friends And Losing Complete Track Of Time

All my friends wanted to meet me, so we decided to go to a post bar and enjoyed our evening to the fullest. Things got a little out of hand, and we were drinking like crazy. It was midnight now. Next, because I had to head home, I booked Uber (I prefer them over Ola, Taxi4sure, etc).

And so the cab was there in 5 minutes and I was home in sometime.

Next Morning My Smartphone Was Missing

When I woke up (god knows how many hours I slept), first thing I wanted to find was my Samsung Galaxy grand phone.

It went missing. 🙁

I was shocked, and even worried a LOT.

I couldn’t find it anywhere. I thought I must have dropped it, but how did I enter Uber then?

If it was stolen or missing, it has to be between the time I was out of the cab and walking on my way to home. But I knew that wasn’t the case. And so…

I Reported Lost Phone on Uber’s Website

Uber doesn’t have any phone number or customer support service that I could immediately talk to. On further exploration, I discovered Uber’s website has a LOST section where we customers can report any missing items.


Uber’s website to report your lost or missing devices or items

In this case, I wanted my smartphone very badly. So I filled the form hoping that my phone will be delivered.

Calling The Driver Almost Immediately

One more thing. You won’t find Uber driver’s phone number inside the Uber receipt you receive via email. Call me lucky, but I made the call to the driver through a friend’s phone.

So I called my friend immediately and asked her to give me the number. After received driver’s number, I called him back.

And what did he do? Well, thank god, he said: “Sir, I have your phone and I will give it to you in 30 minutes”

Waiting For The Pickup

It was a moment of joy to see Uber drivers caring so much for their customers. When he arrived, I decided to tip him and took my Samsung phone – after all, that’s the least I could do as he was able to retrieve and deliver my device to me.

You don’t have to tip the driver, but I did it because he took the effort to come home and deliver my lost phone with a broad smile on his face (and even I was smiling).

So folks, while I might be lucky, I have learned two things here: You can always find your phone if you take some effort (unfortunately, there is no formula) in finding it. And second, there are good people out there who will return your device to you.

Maybe I was just lucky, but I am glad to get back my Android phone. 🙂

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