Block Lost Tata Docomo SIM Card

Have you lost your mobile phone along with Tata Docomo SIM card? While there are various ways to track down the mobile’s location — given you have third-party tracking software installed on your smartphone — but for some reason if nothing works for you and your last resort is to block the mobile phone number, then this article is for you.

Before explaining how to permanently block Docomo phone number, it is important to explain what is required (and what is not required) in such cases:

First, there is no need of any IMEI number to share. You have lost only the SIM card (or SIM and phone) but IMEI number isn’t required.

Second, you must have identity proof or some kind of proof which the Tata Docomo team will ask you when you are on the phone (note that this depends whether you are visiting a Tata Docomo outlet or calling the customer care number).

That said, here is the complete procedure for blocking a lost Tata Docomo SIM card within a few minutes.

  1. Call Docomo customer care number 121 and talk to a Docomo representative.
  2. Explain them you have lost your mobile phone and you would like to block it permanently. You will be questioned further and asked details if required — address proof, documents (optional), mobile number, etc.
  3. As you have already shared the mobile number, they will take your complaint request.
  4. You will receive a docket number. This is a complaint number for your reference that the SIM card has been blocked.

Once you have made a note of this docket number, you will have to wait for your SIM card deactivation. You can also write to if you don’t want to talk over the phone.

But, to get the SIM card blocking done really quickly, it’s better to call the customer care number of Tata Docomo.

4 comments on “Block Lost Tata Docomo SIM Card
  1. pavan kumar veeramreddy says:

    hi. i had lost my mobile and i would like to block my tata docomo sim card. but i could not get through the customer care. can u please provide the information about it. my mobile no. is 9032244318

  2. Dattatray jadhav says:

    I had lost my phone with my Tata Docomo sim card and it was a Postpaid so kindly it a request u to block immediately…..

  3. Dattatray jadhav says:

    And my mobile no is 9967133153

  4. BABU THOMAS says:

    I lost my mobile today evening with docomo sim no. 9040397342 so, please I request you to block this number.

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