Tata Docomo Number Tracking Through Customer Care?

Question: So I was using a Tata Docomo SIM card on my new iPhone. Last week, I lost the phone. And I didn’t activate any third-party tracking tool and I didn’t have any clue about GPS (I am new to all this). I wanted to know if I can use my Tata Docomo number to track the phone? I have the phone number, but I don’t have the location. Any help?

Answer: So unfortunate to hear that you have lost your new iPhone with Tata Docomo SIM card installed. Let’s face it: finding this phone now with the help of apps is not possible now. Here’s why:

  1. You don’t have built-in tracking apps installed on your Docomo phone. As you probably know, Apple iPhone comes with iCloud and Find My iPhone to help you find the exact location of your misplaced or stolen iPhone.
  2. You don’t have third-party tracking apps installed on your Docomo phone. Same as the first reason. If you had a third-party app on your iPhone, then remotely tracking location was possible and easy — it takes us only a few seconds to find, lock, and erase the phone details. You could even set a passcode and send a text message.

Now, all that is simply not possible. Your only hope is to get in touch with someone who works with Tata Docomo to help you get the details. Let me explain further.

Calling customer care of Tata Docomo will not help. I talked to them for over 20 minutes, escalating the phone call to manager to seek advice. The only answer I got was this: “Sorry sir, we cannot help you in tracking the location. Such details are confidential.”

Even if you are a customer network carriers like Tata Docomo tend not to reveal such important information for several reasons.

Still, you might want to give this a shot.

If you have activated Tata Docomo services like Friend Finder then it is possible to find your friend through this paid service.

Your other solution is to file an FIR in the police station, then asking the cops to take the matters in their hands. They will approach the Tata Docomo office to get the details of the phone calls last made, location details, and to the number the phone call was dialled to. With these details, it is possible to find out the new SIM card holder’s location.

Note that this is a tedious process. Cops do not entertain or resolve such issues quickly.

Merely getting in touch with Docomo customer care service will not help you. These guys have very little knowledge about tracking and you will get the same response as I did before.