Obtain Lost Phone Location of Your Friend in Real-Time

The Friend Finder is a service that lets you track the location of mobile phone instantly. It’s similar to most of the “location tracking” techniques wherein you will have to create a list of friends whose location you want to track, then use your cell phone to find out their accurate location in real-time. Docomo offers Friend Finder at an affordable cost where you have the freedom to use all the useful features.

Features of Docomo’s Friend Finder — The Most Affordable Tracking Service

Before you learn how to activate or subscribe to Friend Finder, you must know that it’s a paid app. Tata Docomo recommends you to use 3G or WiFi to connect to Friend Finder. The app contains a list of your friends who are using similar service. Note that Docomo uses third-party apps to find the location of your friend. It’s also important to know that the location can be spoofed.

For example, if your friend (spouse or fiance) don’t want to share their location with you, or for some reason want to avoid sharing location of the places they visit, then they can keep the phone anywhere. Doing this helps in hiding the exact location.

The Friend Finder app, however, is more of a controlled location tracker. It doesn’t track location of any phones that are around your area. What it does is ask the other user for the permission. The app also uses data of Facebook to obtain the location. So, let’s say, if your friend updates a status on Facebook while sharing his/her location, then that data will be shown on the Friend Finder app.

More features: The service also has a show and hide option wherein it’s up to you to share or hide your current location. Sharing your location publicly enables your friends to spot your location. There is also a customization feature where one is free to set privacy the way the want. A customized friend list can also be created, so that your location is shared only with a specific set of people.

How to Activate Friend Finder

Be it an Android phone or another smartphone, the Friend Finder feature works on devices that have 3G activated (works even on WiFi). To subscribe to Friend Finder, you have to follow this process:

Send an SMS with the following text: START to 533332

It’s that simple! Once Friend Finder is activated, you will have the option to add your friends to your list for tracking purposes. This is going to be super-useful if you or your friend ever lose their cell phones. Even thief who steals a phone can be spotted through this service.

Another way to activate Friend Finder: Call Docomo customer care number and ask them to activate this service for you.

Price & Plan of Friend Finder

Friend Finder costs only Rs. 1 for every day. Even if you don’t use this service you will be charged. However, due to the low cost,Tata Docomo provides this as a bulk service. In other words, you have to subscribe to 15 days at least. Friend Finder is available for Rs. 15 with 15 days of location tracking service.

Be it a prepaid or postpaid mobile phone, as long as you have Tata Docomo (phone or SIM card) you can use Friend Finder to locate the city, area details of your friends in real-time.