Airtel Mobile Locator

Airtel Mobile Locator is a new service from Airtel India which lets you find lost or stolen mobile phones. The only requirement here is that you should have Airtel SIM card inserted into your phone. In this article you will learn more about this new service.

Airtel Mobile Locator: What is it?

Many smartphone users can use apps and softwares to locate their missing phones, but what if the phone you are using is just another basic handset? Airtel Mobile Locator is the secret service which lets you track any lost mobile phones and its location within a few seconds.

Airtel Mobile Locator: Features

Once you have registered for this program, you can do the following:

  1. Track Your Phone’s Location – As show on Airtel’s website, any mobile can be tracked after registering to this service. Even basic Nokia and Micromax phones have been found as this service relies on GSM technology.
  2. Lost Mobile Tracker – The service allows you to find the location of the device. Let’s say that a phone with Mobile Locator activated is lost, you can still find the accurate location by simply calling Airtel customer care.
  3. Find More Mobile Details – Direction of the lost phones can be found. Even if the SIM card has been changed and a new one is used can be traced.

Airtel Mobile Locator: Activation Charges

This mobile tracking service is a paid offering from Airtel that costs Rs. 199 every year. Note that this service is provided using Sattracx and tracking a device is possible only by calling the Airtel customer care service.

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