Finding New Phone Number of Stolen Phones

If the thief who stole your mobile phone takes the SIM card out and replaces it with another SIM card, then how can you track the new phone number? A phone with an Airtel SIM card can be tracked using Airtel Mobile Locator service. At the same time, a new SIM card inserted into the phone can be monitored using the same service. Allow us to explain.

Replacing SIM Card = New Phone Number

If a SIM card has been replaced with a new SIM, then you cannot track using traditional apps and softwares. Even all the GPS technology and cell tracking techniques won’t help as you don’t know the phone number. This is where Airtel Mobile Locator is really useful. All you have to do is register to this service and install the application.

Note that if the Airtel Mobile Locator app is missing, you cannot track down any kind of information.

How to Track The Mobile Stealer

Once you have paid for Airtel Mobile Locator’s yearly service, you will be able to find out the changed phone number, in case someone switches to a new SIM card.

You will not be notified about the changes. Instead, you have to make a phone call to the number to know the location of the mobile phone. There is also nothing you can do if the thief erases all the applications and softwares from your device.

After you make the call or login to the website you will be able to access details of your mobile phone.