Use GPS-enabled Mobile Phones

To make sure that Airtel Mobile Locator works on your mobile phone, you must be using a device that has GPS. A GPS phone will be helpful in tracking the exact location of the mobile phone, if ever it is lost or stolen.

So how can you find if you have a GPS-enabled phone? If you are using a sophisticated mobile operating system on your phone, or a phone that is usually called a “smartphone” then you have GPS in it. For instance, phones running Android OS have GPS. Same is the case with Apple iPhones.

If your phone has any of the operating system, then there are good chances that it can support advance tracking technologies.

Symbian phones: Many basic handsets come with Symbian operating system. You can install GPS apps or, if you are using a Nokia phone, press *#0000# to see if you have Symbian OS running on the mobile.

Windows phones: All the phones running Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system come with GPS support. They even have a built-in mobile finder option, which is very useful to find location and erase important details from your handset.

Android phones: Almost all the Android smartphones are GPS-enabled. They are very popular and affordable. You can also visit Google Play, the marketplace for apps, to download free GPS and tracking apps on the device.

iOS phones: Only iPhones can run Apple iOS operating system. All the new iPhones are compatible with GPS technology. While iPhones are generally expensive, they feature iCloud and Find My iPhone default app, which can be used to remotely track phone’s location.

Blackberry phones: Blackberry phones supports GPS and the marketplace has number of apps that are useful if you ever lose your mobile phone.

If you have any of these phones, you can install GPS apps like Airtel Mobile Locator to secure your smartphone from theft and recovering it in case it’s stolen.