Location Coverage of Mobile Protection Plan

Airtel Mobile Locator is a unique service that offers a way to find lost or stolen mobile phones. It does this by coming up with an approxiate location of the device using advanced tracking technology. Despite this, the location is not always accurate.

It has been clearly mentioned that the location coverage is not always accurate. Say you have subscribed to Mobile Locator service and you have lost your phone. Now you can login to the website or enquire customer care for more help. The location that is finally traced will be approximately 2 KMs based on the cell phone coverage.

This is not always true though. Sometimes, if the coverage area is very good, accurate mobile location and area details can be traced out.

Once you have the location information, you can either call the person or lodge a complaint while giving out every detail possible – from the approximate area details to the network service provider you are using. If need be, you can also give IMEI number of your phone model.

By default, the mobile protection plan from Airtel India will not be able to find the exact location of any mobile phone.