Using Mobile Locator to Find Lost or Stolen Phones

Losing a mobile phone is very common these days, which is why Airtel Mobile Locator can be worth the investment. For Rs. 199 you will receive one year of mobile protection. So, even if lose your mobile phone in the street, it can be tracked easily. Assuming you have already subscribed to Mobile Locator, here is how to find your lost or stolen mobile phone using this service.

  1. Install the application – You have to install the “tracking” application on your device. Only one smartphone can be tracked at Rs. 199. For tracking more devices you have to pay Rs. 499 every year.
  2. Confirm the app works – Once the app is installed, you can use Airtel’s website or call Airtel customer care to confirm that the cell phone can be tracked.
  3. Login and find phones – If you have lost a phone or you believe someone stole it from you, it can be tracked easily as you already have the application installed on your mobile phone. Even if the phone has been switched OFF, you can know the last known location of the device.

After you have all the details with you, your next step is to call your phone number or send a text message to let the “thief” know that you know the location and you’d appreciate if he/she can return the phone back to you.