How to Hide IMEI Number From Being Tracked By Police?

Question: I want to protect my iPhone from being tracked. Recently, I have realized that GSM phones can be tracked using SIM card. All the details, including IMEI numbers, are revealed when tracked! So I want to hide the IMEI number from being exposed… How do I avoid cops from tracking down my phone’s IMEI?


A couple of years ago every local carrier starting sending text messages saying that phones without IMEI numbers are banned. Apple iPhones, however, do not fall under this category. That said, if you want to hide the IMEI number, you could always use phones with no IMEI numbers.

Where can you get such phones? Most of the chinese handsets come with 15-digit IMEI numbers that are same. Yes, IMEIs should be unique but this is a rare case — a couple of years ago chinese mobile manufacturers didn’t really pay attention to print IMEI number and launched phones with zero 15 digits. This means that thousands of phones had the same IMEIs, which makes tracking next to impossible.

Due to strict laws, government has asked all the manufacturers to follow a certain rule. The mobile manufacturers should add IMEI number for every device, which makes it difficult to find phones with zero IMEI numbers. Still, if you want to make tracing an unavoidable affair, then choose such phones.

Another option is to spoof your current IMEI number. There are various IMEI generators available online, that will generate random unique numbers depending on the phone model. You have to add such IMEI numbers (this process requires IMEI changing software) to your phone.

It’s also useful to know that only by your phone number the IMEI number is tracked. The reverse way, as far as I know, is not possible. So, if you want your IMEIs to be hidden, then think about changing the SIM card. This will give you a new phone number. Or try changing the handset.