Make Sure Your Phone Has a Genuine IMEI Number

By knowing the mobile number of the lost phone it is possible to find out the location of the device, genuine IMEI number, and all the details — including incoming and outgoing phone calls — will be revealed. However, what if the IMEI number is not genuine?

There are dozens of Chinese handsets which does not have the IMEI number printed on the box. There is no way to check IMEI number through the phone as well. Consider an example that you have lost a phone, and you want to block it permanently. What you can do is get in touch with the carrier network and ask for blocking the device. The company will use your mobile number to trace the IMEI number.

Only mobile phones with genuine IMEI numbers can be blocked. If it’s a fake or invalid IMEI number, then we have to resort to other ways of blocking the phone.

To make sure your phone has a legal and valid IMEI number, you have to take these steps:

  • Check the bill and box again: If you have purchased a second-hand or used mobile phone, then make sure the IMEI number on the bill and box match with that of the IMEI of the mobile phone. Often times stolen phones are sold in old packaging, putting the new owner in a whole new trouble.
  • Check your handset: As mentioned previously, Chinese handsets may or may not have IMEI number. You can look into the settings option to find the IMEI number. Most of these handsets have a 15-digit zero number. While that’s not a fake number but it isn’t genuine as well — as per the government rules such phones are banned.

Of course, the above steps should be taken before losing your mobile phone. If you have already lost a phone and you don’t have the IMEI number with you, then ask the network carrier to block the device. To be able to block the phone, get in touch with your carrier network’s representative and ask for permanently blocking the device.

Often times people who look for “genuine IMEI numbers” are those who have been cheated with a fake IMEI number. This change in numbers can cause issues from phone getting locked to error messages like “invalid IMEI number”, “unrecognized IMEI number” and so on.

It’s always useful to double-check and make sure the phone has a genuine IMEI number. You can also call the carrier network to let them know that you are purchasing a phone with/without contract. Many companies will verify and share the details of the previous owner just to make sure you are getting a phone with a genuine IMEI number.