Can I Use IMEI Number to Find Mobile Phone Number?

Tony asks:

I am looking for an easy way to lookup phone number using IMEI number. This is because recently I found a basic Nokia handset near a bar, and it’s been switched OFF as it may have run out of battery. I don’t have the phone charger — all I have is the IMEI number. I was thinking if it’s possible to use this IMEI number to find the mobile number, and then retrieve the name of the person and his location details?


This is a tricky question. For years I have asked my cop friend to enter the phone number to retrieve the complete “call list.” If you didn’t know, this call list has different phone numbers (calls made and received), time the call was made, the type of call (SMT, OUT, IN), IMEI number of the caller along with the exact location details, including the area and city name.

Extracting the owner’s phone number through IMEI may be possible, but I am not sure if the method is publicly available.

If you have connection with the network carrier or if you know someone who can extract this call list for you, then follow this method: take the SIM card out of the Nokia phone and insert it into a spare mobile phone. This is the most easiest way to get all the required details. Your next step is to look at the address book and call someone. Look for something like “mom” or “brother” or even “my number” — call them first if you plan on returning the phone.

Alternately, you can also make a call from this Nokia phone to your own mobile phone. This will reveal the mobile phone number you were after. Hopefully, this answers your question.