Choose IMEI Trackers Over Traditional Tracking Softwares

Here’s why tracking a mobile phone through IMEI makes a lot of sense. Before we explain the nitty-gritty details, it is important to learn how the whole cell phone tracking and monitoring scheme works.

Let’s take an example. Say that you have lost your Android smartphone and the person who stole it removes the battery, or resets the phone. Worse, he decides to throw the SIM card out and remove all the third-party tracking softwares you have.

The scenario is as follows:

  • Your phone is switched OFF. When your phone is not turned ON, no GPS or AGPS technology will help in finding the exact location.
  • Your SIM card has been changed. If you are using a GSM Android phone, let’s say the number has been changed. You can’t find the new mobile number and you can’t track existing number either.

This is where IMEI tracking is helping. These 14/15 digit numbers are helpful in finding the person’s location. You can easily know the whereabouts using IMEI tracking apps.

Why is that? Because IMEI number is unique, and it is always associated with your phone. Although there are many shady techniques to change this number, most of them do not stoop to this level because of the level of work involved.

Using the right IMEI trackers puts you in a right position to track down the person who stole your phone. With the help of cops, it is even easier as they are the ones who will have these necessary tools.

We also have third-party apps, albeit most of them help in tracking phones under one condition: the app must be pre-installed before it was stolen or lost. Nonetheless, if every other technique to find your missing phone fails, then you can be sure that finding the correct location of the missing mobile phone is possible through IMEI number.