Use Online IMEI Trackers The Right Way

Many of you may have heard about the IMEI trackers that can track your mobile phone’s location. Some of these “online IMEI tracking” tools also claim that they can find the user who stole your device. In reality, all this sites are simply “deceiving” you.

If you are familiar with the IMEI tracking technology and how it works, you will know there is no way to find a lost phone’s location and it’s simply impossibly to know the person’s name. That’s a technology not yet available to this world yet. So, if you have lost a phone, then using online IMEI tracking website doesn’t yield any groundbreaking results.

Why Online IMEI Trackers?

While these IMEI checkers and trackers are not helpful in location in the lost phone, you may still want to use them to use them for several reasons. Some people ask, “Shouldn’t we use IMEI trackers to find all the details of our missing phone?” You have to understand that using any software or even IMEI online checkers will not help you in finding the location of the missing phone, although it’s true that details can be obtained through the IMEI number.

Almost all of the online IMEI tracking tools offers a box where you have to enter your phone’s IMEI number — this number, as usual, will be unique to your device. The website then uses its database to check and tell the phone’s model, the manufacturer information and other fine details related to your mobile phone.

All these information will help you understand more about the device.

How to Use IMEI Trackers And IMEI Checkers

None of the websites offer a map with a pin that shows the direction of your stolen phone. There is no longitude, latitude or any geographical information that could potentially lead to the thief. With IMEI number, this is all you can do:

  • Find Information About Your Phone Model: As mentioned earlier, IMEIs can be helpful to know the kind of phone model, manufacturer and the country/city where the phone was originally manufacturer.
  • Permanently Block Access to Handset: Having these nitty-gritty details will do no good. The only advantage of knowing the IMEI number is that you can ask your carrier network to block the phone completely. This stops the thief from looking into your private information like text messages or gain access to your contact address/phonebook.

Remember: the IMEI checkers available on the Internet are only going to help you get more information about the phone. Sooner or later, you have to file a complaint or use third-party tracking applications to obtain crucial information. Only then you will be in a position, perhaps, to find the lost or stolen phone’s location.

As for now, these IMEI trackers will not be able to fulfil your need to recover your lost or stolen phones.