Check Stolen Phone’s IMEI Through Carrier Network

If you have received a new phone or you purchased it from any online store, then you may want to check whether the phone is stolen or not. This is because there are a number of IMEI changer and unlocking services available, which will help anyone to change their phone’s IMEI number to a new one.

This IMEI changing process is rarely spoken of in public platform, but the truth is that at local shops and markets — where stolen phones are repacked and sold — this is a frequent affair. If the original IMEI number of phone is changed, it will be difficult to know if the gadget is genuine or not.

So you may ask, “what else can I do to find out the stolen IMEI number?” There is only one way, for which you need good connection or a solid reason. The simple way to know and track the IMEI of stolen phone is to get in touch with the network operator. For example, let’s assume a situation where you have lost a phone. The person who found your phone takes it home and uses a software to change the IMEI number of the phone model. If he/she does this and inserts your SIM card back into the phone, then using GPS coordinates the location of the phone can be tracked.

This requires the help of carrier network. In other words, you should have some connection with your phone operator.

If the person doesn’t uses the same SIM card, then your chances of tracking the device’s location are almost eliminated. Reason is simple: changing the SIM card (a new phone number) makes it difficult to find the new phone number.

However, if the same SIM card was inserted and a phone call is made, then tracking the location is possible. To know all this, you have to simply give your phone number to the carrier network and wait for them to check the stolen phone’s database. Wait for them to type the query into their custom software. Once the new file is generated (which is usually an excel file), then you will get all the details — including the IMEI number and the time the last call was made from the phone.

If you are a person who lost a phone, then this details are useful if the thief is still using the same SIM card.

To be able to know whether the phone is stolen or not, you must be using the same old phone number. The problem here is, what if the original name has changed several handsets? This is the tricky part, as finding out the exact phone model through IMEI or phone number is next to impossible.