Any Free IMEI Locator To Trace a Misplaced Phone?

Question: So I lost my Android phone at a wedding place. I have no tracking apps installed, no GPS, or any other advanced cellular trackers installed on my smartphone. It’s been a couple of weeks, but all I have is the phone’s IMEI number. Can I use any IMEI locator desktop app to find the phone? I am sure the phone is misplaced, not stolen.

Answer: You are looking for a “location finder” tool that can track the location of your misplaced phone. While knowing the location of the phone is possible, but you can’t achieve this through the IMEI number of your phone.

This is because IMEIs are printed by the mobile manufacturing company. They serve only one purpose: to help you understand more about the device. For example, if you have a phone whose brand you are not familiar with, then the IMEI number can be immensely helpful. Simply use the online IMEI tools to know the manufacturer name, the location where the phone was manufactured, and so on.

To know the exact location just by using IMEI number is not possible. Wish there was a free IMEI locator software that could monitor and trace phone when we simply enter the IMEI number — this, again, is unavailable.

That said, there are a several other things you could do. First, you can always head back to the place where the phone was dropped. You clearly said the phone is not stolen, so it should be there. Bring a friend or two along at the location to search the phone. If the bluetooth of the device is switched ON, then use another device to track the phone — simply turning on bluetooth will show the list of devices in that place. I doubt, though, if your phone is still switched ON.

Another option is to get in touch with the carrier network or the police department and ask them to trace the phone. If you have a stronger connection, then the location, area details can be found in less a minute. This will also help you confirm whether the phone is lost or was it stolen — if no calls were made (the carrier operator will supply you with a “call list” which contains every details you want) then your phone is still in the same place.

Note that tracking will be done through the SIM card of your GSM phone — not through the IMEI number.

Try to visit the same place to search for the misplaced phone. Unfortunately, this time, there is no “technology” or “IMEI locator” software that could come to help. As I always say, tracking phone takes a bit of effort from your end. This time you have to work up a sweat to find your misplaced phone!

Good luckā€¦