Check IMEI Number

Find IMEI Number of Phone

It requires less than a minute to find out the correct International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of your mobile phone. Be it a basic handset, an Android or iPhone smartphone, the technique to find out the IMEI number remains pretty much the same for all the cell phones.

Before we dig into this further, we are assuming the following scenario:

  • The mobile phone is with you as you read this article
  • The mobile phone is not with you — it’s lost or stolen

We take both the cases and explain you how to check the 15-digit IMEI number right now!

Finding IMEI Number if You Have the Phone With You

Right now if you have the phone with you, then there are a couple of ways for checking IMEIs.

Technique #1: The most popular, and probably the easiest way to check IMEI number is to dial *#06# on your phone. This will display a message with the IMEI number of your phone. You can dial the number anytime to retrieve the IMEI — and yes, you won’t be charged for this. This technique works on every GSM mobile phone out there.

Technique #2: Check the back of your phone. As IMEI numbers are printed by the manufacturers, and they are unique for every device, you have to simply remove the back of your phone’s cover. There you will find the battery, SIM card slots, etc. Removing the battery reveals the IMEI number written in fine prints. Every phone, even smartphones, have the IMEI printed and some barcodes. Note down the IMEI number on a piece of paper and put the battery and cover back on.

Finding IMEI Number For Lost or Stolen Phones

Assuming you have already lost your mobile phone and you want to know the IMEI number, look at the box you received with the phone. This box contains all the information including the phone’s MRP, specs, model number and the IMEI number. You have to look closely to find the number, which is usually located at the side of the box.

This is the only easy way to find the IMEI number of any lost or stolen phones. If you have purchased a phone without any box, then you have to use the usual techniques (as mentioned above) to obtain your phone’s unique numbers.


These are the standard ways of checking IMEIs of any phone. The process is really simple. Always look at the articles on the sidebar if you want to learn more.