Using IMEI Unlockers & Code Generators Online

There are hundreds of free IMEI generators on the Internet, most of them offers a “solution” to generate those 15-digit code you have always wanted. However, there is a difference between a “generator” and an “unlocker.” This article will explain everything in detail.

Know This Before You Change IMEI Numbers

Before we proceed further, you must know that IMEI numbers of any phones can be changed. Say you are using an HTC phone or a Nokia basic handset for which you want to generate a new IMEI number due to personal reasons (to avoid tracking down your location), then you have a valid reason to change IMEIs of that specific phone model. However, that said, replacing old IMEI number code with a newer one is not exactly legal. It’s like you are changing your name without letting anyone know.

Still, a majority of people in grey market are changing IMEI numbers frequently. This is because many phones are lost or stolen everyday, and using such devices can put that person in danger, all thanks to sophisticated tracking techniques that are available today. In such cases the person or the thief sells the device to someone else, or he/she will simply throw out the SIM card from the GSM phone, then change the phone number, pack it in a box and sell the phone at a discounted price.

IMEI Code Generators: What You Should Know

IMEI code generators are tools offering a way to generate 15- to 17-digit valid IMEI number for your phone. Some sites have a box with a button below saying “Generate.” Clicking on this button will show a random IMEI number, which can be copied or noted down. Few more sites will ask you to choose your phone’s model, then a proper IMEI number will be generated. Note that there are many free tools available for creating a fresh IMEI code, but there are problem with this technique:

  • Many sites are generating fake IMEI codes.
  • IMEI numbers should be unique.

IMEI numbers are not simply a bunch of random numbers. They have a proper sequence. for example, every IMEI number follows such a pattern “AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D” where every set (AA is a set) indicates a detailed message. So, let’s take AA which are the first two digits of the sequence, and they indicate the agency that has issued the specific phone model.

IMEI Unlockers: Pay Utmost Attention

The IMEI unlockers are the most popular ones, and here is where the “scam” resides. This “unlock-my-phone” using IMEI number department is filled with sites claiming to fix your blocked phone if you are ready to pay handsome amount. Some folks charge less than $10 while others charge as much as $50 to unlock your phone.

So, let’s say you have a HTC or Sony Ericsson phone that is blocked. Now, by using IMEI unlockers you can generate the IMEI code which when used on the device unblocks or unlocks it.

Why do you need IMEI unlocking code?

Reason is simple: when people lose their phones, they usually request their carrier network to block the phone. This blocked phone, if found, is useless. Entering the IMEI unlocking code unlocks the device. There are various — paid and free — IMEI unlocking software that generates and automatically adds IMEI code to the device.

Many universal IMEI generators are nothing but scams, so do your research properly. Also, changing to a new IMEI number is not legal everywhere. While free IMEI unlockers exist, in reality they are simply tools generating fake codes.