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Here you are going to learn everything you need to know about lost, stolen mobiles phones (and this website) within the next few minutes.

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Welcome to “my world.” Or, let’s say “your world” because this is your place and your chance to learn all about mobile phones — from how to protect your phone to finding any lost or stolen devices through our database. There was a need to start a website like this, which I will explain to you later. First, let’s start with the introduction.

My name is David and I run

Why This Website?

As you probably know, over the years the mobiles phones have become “smarter.” Today we have thousands of so-called “smartphones” that lets you multitask, play games and do a variety of tasks comfortably. One feature, however, that was missing from all the phones is related to tracking. There was no way to track a lost or stolen mobile phone a couple of years ago.

All this has changed, much thanks to third-party apps and the free built-in tracking softwares. Still, there is a huge “please-find-my-phone” demand from many basic handset and budget phone users. This is where MyLostCellPhone plays a crucial role — it’s connects you with everyone else! This site is your no.1 destination for finding lost phones!

Mobile Phone Tracking Requires Effort

Just like every vegetable comes in different sizes and shapes, the market has a variety of mobile phones coming from hundreds of different mobile manufacturers. The phones come with a different hardware and software, which is another issue you have to deal with.

Problem with this “variety” is that there is no universal way to track the phone. So, let’s say, if you have lost an iPhone today, then you have to resort to a different technique to be able to track the device. If you have an Android smartphone, you may want to use third-party apps and websites to track its location. For basic handsets, registering a complaint is the first thing that needs to be done. The tracking technique always differs.

You have to research and pick a method that resonates with you, only then you will be able to find the missing device. As mentioned earlier, every device is special and the tracking technique will be different. One thing is common though: to be able to track a device requires effort from your side. There is no quick and easy solution to retrieve a cell phone’s location unless you have followed the right procedure.

To make life a little more easier for you, we have a well-structured section titled Mobile Tracking Guide that should help you find the lost or stolen phones using various techniques.

Find Phones Using New Technology

Smartphones, be it iOS or Android, can be tracked with the help of built-in trackers and third-party apps. Fortunately, most of the third-party apps are free to download. So you can use these tracking softwares to find your phone.

There are also many other techniques and technology that one can use to properly locate any phone. For example, GPS tracking is a technique used to spot the phone’s location through a map.

There is a satellite tracking technology, albeit not accessible to common people, that allows you to accurately find out the location of the cell phone even if it is thousands of miles away from you.

IMEI technology is nothing new, but providing your phone’s IMEI number to your carrier can help you block the phone permanently — this prevents access to your phone’s crucial information like contact address and text messages.

Another technique, one that is rarely available to common people, is linked to your phone’s carrier network. This “GSM SIM card tracking” technique is least popular, although it can help you to find details of the phone calls made from the lost/stolen phone. All you have to do is get the list of calls made from your phone. Many carriers offers the complete details in the form of excel sheet. This excel sheet has details of the last calls made, along with the location from where these calls where made.

Uff, these were some of the popular ways to track a phone!

Let’s Not Forget The Stolen Mobile Phones

Phones are stolen every minute! In fact, according to a recent study, at least one phone is lost every second. When a person loses a device, another person will most likely find it. But do they return back this phone? Not really.

In countries like China, these lost phones are resold in a new package. They have learned a technique beyond my understanding but the phone’s IMEI numbers are changed so that blocking a phone is technically impossible. On top of that, phones are replaced with newer parts and the SIM card is obviously thrown or disposed.

This is the reason we have a section titled “Report Lost Phone” where you can tell us where and how you lost your phone, or if someone stole the phone leaving with no option but to ask for help. Use our section to report phones – basic handsets or even smartphones – and we will publish your message to the world.

MLCP is Your Community

Have you found a phone? Do want to return it? Or do you want to protect your new phone from theft? MLCP (My Lost Cell Phone) is your world. You can share your story on how you were able to find your phone, or even report devices that were found. We want to build a place for you to communicate.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to submit a story on how you were able to find a phone, contact us right now! For now, check out the completely free mobile tracking guide to learn more on how to track lost and stolen mobile phones.