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Why Smartphones Are Lost & Misplaced, And What You Can Do About It

We all know those magicians who do wonderful tricks on us. These tricks are not real, yet we are sometimes blown away by it. Why?

Magicians — old and new — have understood the concept of human attention span. You see, our brain works at a snail speed,

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Importing Mobile Phones From USA & UK To India

Want to import phones from US, UK, Germany… to India?

Here’s everything you need to know deciding to import a mobile phone from one country to another. Say that you went to Amazon US store right now and you found a shiny new Apple iPhone 5 for only $199.

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Reliance Explains How To Check IMEI Validity

Who else wants to find out how to get IMEI number of a Reliance phone? As discussed previously, the methods are very simple for both GSM and CDMA phone. In this article you will learn another easy method to check IMEI validity and expiry date.

Note On Invalid IMEI Numbers

Although I have already mentioned this several times,

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AGPS Wiki Article Explained in Simple Words

We often have this habit of Googling a word we are not familiar with. And while doing so, we always add the word “Wiki” to it. Same is the case with Assisted GPS when we first wrote our extensive guide on Mobile Tracking. People searched for “AGPS Wiki” many times.

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Do Smartphones Have IMEI Tracking App?

Sulaiman asks:

Our family recently moved from basic handsets to smartphones. Now, we have Android smartphones, iPhones, and even Windows powered cell phones in our home. As the head of the family, I wanted to make sure our phones are always safe and secure — my son often has this habit of losing new things very quickly.

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All About Contract-based (Locked) And Contract-free Phone Tracking

Let’s break this question in a way that it is easily understood. First, we talk about the type of mobile phones and later explain how you can track them.

Contract-based and Contract-free Phones Explained

Let’s take an example of Apple iPhone. Any Apple iPhone is either locked or unlocked.

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Legally Repair or Fix Invalid IMEI Number of Phone

Technically, there are no “fake” IMEI numbers on your phone. However, we have numbers that are invalid. As mentioned in our online IMEI tracker guide, it’s important to make sure IMEI numbers are genuine, otherwise they are useless under crucial circumstances.

Any IMEI number can become invalid for a couple of reasons.

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IMEI Blocking: Everything You Need to Know

How do you block a phone number? What does it take to permanently lock a stolen phone? Is cell phone blocking legal? Can we use IMEI trackers for phones? In this article you will learn all you need to know about IMEI blocking and how it really works.

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Locating a Lost iPhone Using Apple’s Free App

Here is a video showcasing the benefits of setting up Find My iPhone app on your iPhone. This free app lets you track location, erase data and even send a message if you have lost your iPhone or someone stole it from you.

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Ask Reddit to Help You Find Your Missing Phone

Losing a cell phone is equal to losing your privacy. You not only store your details but also important photos, contacts, messages on your phone. And when that phone is lost or goes missing, you skip a heartbeat.

You lose your sense, which forces you to may ask others to help you find your phone.

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