Reliance Explains How To Check IMEI Validity

Who else wants to find out how to get IMEI number of a Reliance phone? As discussed previously, the methods are very simple for both GSM and CDMA phone. In this article you will learn another easy method to check IMEI validity and expiry date.

Note On Invalid IMEI Numbers

Although I have already mentioned this several times, it is still very important to know that cell phones with no IMEI number cannot make calls. A lot of users face this problem, and the invalid IMEI number is the main reason why checking IMEI expiry (or validity) is impossible.

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Now, as we are clear about that let’s talk a bit more about IMEI validity.

From the Reliance India website, it is clear that we have one more way to check the validity of the IMEI number using your Reliance handset. This doesn’t require you to check your mobile phone bill or open your handset. It’s fairly easy as you will see…

SMS — The Easiest Way To Check Validity of IMEI Number

That’s right. You only have to send an SMS to a number to receive the validity details.

The first step is to make sure your mobile phone is using a Reliance SIM card. Now, get the IMEI number of your phone.

The second step is to send a text message to 52277. Note that you will not be charged and you have to send the SMS only through a reliance mobile phone.

The third step to check validity of IMEI number is to add the following message “IMEI ” — for example,

IMEI 123456789012345

Send this message to 52277. It’s that simple to find out if your phone has a longer IMEI validity or not. If the phone has no valid IMEI number, then it’s time to buy a new phone (as suggested by Reliance).

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