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Simple Tip for Nokia Lumia Users: Secure Your Phone Using Find My Phone App

Remember the story of someone losing his Nokia Lumia 920 in a club and finding it back by visiting Windows 8’s website? If you have a Nokia Lumia phone, you too can track the location of the device if it’s stolen or lost.

Here is a tip from Nokia’s YouTube channel where they explain how to secure your device through the Find your phone app.

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Use Your College Website to Find Your Lost Phone

If your mobile phone fell out of your pocket, or if you have misplaced it on your way to college then simply let the world know about this. How can you possibly do that? You can submit a detailed post about your missing phone on a local classified website,

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10 Solid Tips from Police to Prevent Mobile Theft

While there are many ways to protect our mobile phone from being misplaced or stolen, we have some interesting tips coming straight out of the national police of Republic of Ireland.

The police force, which is commonly referred to as Gardai (website),

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Tip: Use Classified Sites to Find Lost or Stolen Phone

One of the common tip we offer to anyone who has lost a smartphone is to remotely find the location of the device. While it seem so simple, but a lot of people do not have this feature activated on their mobile phones. So what are the other ways available?

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Cops Advices People to Deactivate Their Stolen Smartphone

How many of you are aware of the term “brick?” In simple terms, brick is equal to deactivation. Once a smartphone is bricked or deactivated, it is almost impossible to unbrick it again. And in order to protect your privacy, cops are suggesting people to brick their devices.

That’s right!

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Why Mobile Tracking & Spying Apps are Better than Buying Spy Equipments

If you haven’t already come across the term ‘mobile tracking app’, let me explain it in a detailed nutshell. It is a software that you download and install on your cellphone; if you lose or someone steals your phone any day, then you can remotely track its location using these tracking apps.

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