AGPS Wiki Article Explained in Simple Words

We often have this habit of Googling a word we are not familiar with. And while doing so, we always add the word “Wiki” to it. Same is the case with Assisted GPS when we first wrote our extensive guide on Mobile Tracking. People searched for “AGPS Wiki” many times.

In our Mobile Tracking Guide we have explained AGPS Tracking technology, which is an additional layer to existing GPS technology. We received a lot of visitors, which is why we wrote this new article.

The motive of this article is to help you understand the WikiPedia AGPS article better, from the angel of a regular smartphone user.

You see, there is no need to understand all the complexities involved about Assisted AGPS. You only need to understand what it is, how it works, and what are its advantages. All of this is covered in our “AGPS Tracking Technology” guide.

You may want to go through the sidebar for more articles. As you dig deeper you will understand that we have simplified the information for you.

As usual, our goal at My Lost Cell Phone is to help you find your phone. While AGPS is expensive (as it downloads data through cellular network – this includes GPRS and 3G connection) but it is one of the way to track the location of your mobile phone.

If you believe you can contribute to our website, feel free to connect with us. We have had users who shared their story on how they lost and found mobile phones, and we would absolutely love to have you write articles that will build this community.


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