Get IMEI Number of Reliance Mobile Within Few Seconds!

Question: I would like to find out the exact IMEI number of my new Reliance handset. I bought this from a local mobile store (and not from Reliance store) with a bill and box, but I don’t see the IMEI number anywhere. How can I get the IMEI number of my reliance cell phone?

Answer: Reliance India has mobile handsets that comes in two types: one is a GSM mobile phone and other is a CDMA mobile phone. And to be able to find the correct IMEI number you have to first know the type.

Once you have figured out the Reliance phone you have is either GSM or CDMA, checking this 15-digit IMEI code takes less than a couple of seconds. Here’s what you should do next:

Read Our IMEI Guide

Our guide on IMEI tracking explains everything you need to know about IMEI number. In this section we have a sub-category called “Check IMEI Number” where we explain how to find the correct IMEI no. through your mobile phone setting. This is the guide you should refer to.

For your convenience, we have linked to the required article you need to read. Start by choosing the technology (whether your phone is GSM or CDMA), then read the article attached with that.

Watch Out For Invalid IMEI Numbers

It’s also important for you to know that Government of India have asked mobile operators to disable phones without a valid IMEI number, so if you are unable to obtain IMEI number of your Reliance handset using the methods shared in this article then you might want to read this article to see if it is possible to activate IMEI blacklisted mobile phone.

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