Sprint WeGo: Now Parents Track Kids With GPS Powered Phone!

Kids must be safe. That’s the single most important concern of every parent out there. And to make sure this goal is achieved (and achieved effortlessly), Sprint has launched a new made-for-kids smartphone this month.

As you read every word of this article you will realise why Sprint’s move to bring a dedicated GPS smartphone for kids makes a whole lot of sense.

The Incredibly Simple GPS Phone For Kids Is Here!

Called WeGo, this new smartphone’s target audiences are parents and kids. For parents, Sprint’s WeGo is another way to track their kids, thanks to the built-in GPS technology. And for kids, mainly between the ages of 5 to 12, Sprint’s WeGo acts as a channel to connect with parents and everyone else instantly.

New GPS Sprint Smartphone Called WeGo

So what’s so special about this smartphone? What makes it unique?

GPS Monitoring — That’s What Parents Need!

You see, it would be fair to call WeGo a “parental control software in a box.” As, to us, this phone looks a lot like a box than a real smartphone. Here’s why…

Unlike many other smartphones, WeGo comes with a simple look and lacks dialing keypad. There are two side volume keys and the touchscreen is missing.

As far as the phone’s screen is concerned, it’s still an LCD.

It’s not even running on popular mobile operating systems — Android, iOS, or Windows 8. Features are missing. And that’s a concern, but, then, what makes it special really?

Even with basic features, the USP of WeGo lies in its tracking capabilities.

You see, Sprint has played it smart by creating a very simple device that, with its plastic body, looks like a kid’s toy. As it is intended for kids between the age of 5 to 12, simplicity is what really matters. Smart move, Sprint.

And, for parents, Sprint’s new smartphone leaves them with a lot of hope and relief — tracking kids was never this easy.

Update: There’s no mention of GPS or AGPS technology, but it’s fair to assume the phone has a powerful mobile tracking system in place.

Cost of Sprint’s WeGo

WeGo smartphone is not cheap. Priced at $199, WeGo phone can be purchased from any Spring stores and indirect retailer. As usual, there is alternate way to make a payment payment — pay $5 every month for up to 24 months to get WeGo smartphone (totaling the cost to exactly $220).

Some of you may find this cheap, while others may find it rather expensive — especially given that WeGo has no special design or powerful hardware.

The only logical reason is because of the mobile tracking technology, as mentioned earlier (and it’s important).

As WeGo smartphones comes with a GPS locator that lets you track the device right from your computer or any other smartphone, a concerned parent will consider buying one.

Note that many other GPS locators (that are not smartphones) comes at this range and above — some even cost you more than $1000. So having a phone that could be used during emergency for a flat price is a huge plus.

No Android, iOS, or Windows 8

It’s true there’s no Android, iOS, or Windows 8 but that’s how it is supposed to be. It’s not a sophisticated phone.

Parents, on the other hand, can log into their computer or download the app on their smartphone (this is where your Androids and iPhones are useful) to track and monitor their kid’s activity.

Another powerful feature is the ability to control how kids use this smartphone. With a limit of 20 phone numbers for outgoing and incoming calls, WeGo also allows parents to set a limit of up to 20 text messages. There’s more to this…

Parents can receive text or email whenever an SMS is read, phone’s battery is low, alarm is ON, etc. After setting GPS tracking parents, changing phone settings, parents can also demand to get the kid’s location in real-time on a map.

To add more value to the phone, Sprint has also made the phone water-resistant and shatterproof (only up to 12 feet).

Kids can push the big button in the front twice to automatically dial 911 for emergency reasons.

If you look at it this way, WeGo is a personal bodyguard that comes for less than $5 a month. Now it’s not that expensive, is it?

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