Brothersoft Removes IMEI Changing Software

Brothersoft, one of the most popular site to download softwares, has removed the IMEI changing software for reasons unknown to us. This free software allowed you to change the 14/15 digit IMEI number of any mobile phone through a very simple interface.

As mentioned in our IMEI tracking guide, such tools are different from IMEI locators, which are supposed to find the location of the mobile phone through IMEI. Here’s how IMEI changing apps actually worked: You have to plug in your mobile phone to your computer through an USB cable. Next, setup this IMEI number changing software and a dialog box appears on your screen.

If you remember I have clearly told not to bother with IMEI changing softwares as the whole process is not easy and not legal.

Further steps include clicking on a button to generate a new IMEI number. The process, according to old reviews, looked effortlessly easy.

IMEI Changing Software For Download

The software to change IMEI is no longer available.

Did we try this software?

There are several paid softwares for IMEI number changing but none of the free ones were used. We knew about brothersoft offering this unknown tool from an unknown developer, but we never tried it for several reasons. Here’s why:

  • Many Fake IMEI softwares.
    There are many fake IMEI changing softwares promising to provide unlock codes for your Nokia handsets and Android smartphones. In reality, these are dummy software with a few buttons that never work.
  • Viruses in these IMEI softwares.
    One of the main reason that concerns us (as we use Windows laptop and computer) is the issue of virus when we download such softwares. Even scanning the file using antivirus tool suggests not to use them. Although we never tried this software personally.
  • No Brand Involved.
    If the tool is not developed by a well-known brand or an individual who has online presence, then it’s most likely a tool made to breach your privacy and obtain your private information. In the world of softwares, it is even more important to download from reputed sources. In this case, and many other cases, we simply found tools created by some forum users.

Does IMEI changing software really work?

It sure does, but did this one work? We could never find out, as Brothersoft seem to have taken down the tool. And the reasons for this must be obvious: changing IMEI number may not be legal, the tool simply did not work or it was a case of adware (ads were shown in this dummy software).


Checking IMEI number is always possible, but changing is a difficult task that requires expertize and knowledge. As mentioned before, there are many hardwares available that allows you to modify existing IMEI number to a new one but this required investment and it is, depending on your place, is not entirely within the legal boundaries.

Whatever the reasons are, our task is to report to you about such softwares. And in case we find another tool that really works, we will share the details with you. For now, a free and working IMEI number changing software is less likely available.

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