Subscribe to Airtel Mobile Locator Service

Airtel Mobile Locator is yet another cell phone tracking service that lets you find your lost or stolen phone in minutes. You have to simply make a call to Airtel customer care (call 121) to find our more about your phone’s current location which will help you a great deal, especially if you have important information stored in your device.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a high-end smartphone or another basic handset, this service works on every device as long as it has the Airtel SIM card. Let us see how to subscribe to Mobile Locator service right now.

First, you have to make sure that this service works in your city. For example, Airtel Mobile Locator is available in Andhra Pradesh, but it is presently unavailable in Karnataka state. So, if you are from Bangalore, then you are out of luck. To know more if your device with Airtel prepaid SIM is eligible for this service, head over to Airtel’s official website. Alternately, you can also contact Airtel’s customer care service to enquire about this service. Simply ask if “Airtel Mobile Locator is available in [yourcityname].”

To activate Airtel Mobile Locator on your phone, you have to register your name and mobile number. You can do this by visiting, which is a partnered website offering this tracking service. Customer can also call a specific phone number (54444 for Andhra Pradesh users) to activate subscription.

Airtel Mobile Locator Plans

From Airtel’s website: Mobile Locator Service

From the website you have “Add to Cart” the Rs. 199 service. Once the details are given and payment is done, you will receive a call from Airtel executive. Make sure to give your correct email ID and phone number.

Airtel Mobile Locator is available as an annual plan, which means you have to pay Rs. 199 every year if you want this service. You can unsubscribe anytime.