How to Transfer O2 Phone Number to a New Phone or Sim Card?

O2 has many SIM cards available, out of which the Pay Monthly and Pay & Go SIM cards are popular. If you have any O2 SIM card (be it business or international) that you would like to use on your new phone, then follow the simple process you are about to learn in this article.

Just so you know, if you have lost your mobile phone was tied with your O2 phone number, you can still get back the that specific phone number on your new SIM card by getting in touch with O2 support team for help.

Two Ways To Get In Touch With O2 For Duplicate Phone Number

  1. Talk to Customer Care:
    — If you are using a Pay & Go SIM card, dial 4445 from your O2 mobile phone. Standard charges applicable.
    — If you are using a Pay Monthly SIM card, dial 202 from your O2 mobile phone. No charges applicable.
  2. Chat with the O2 team: Go to the O2 website wherein you can talk to one of the customer support representative in between 7am to 11pm.

Note: if you are calling from landline or abroad, check out the O2 contact details listed below.


Steps To Acquire O2 SIM Card & Old Phone Number

Say you have lost your phone with the O2 sim card. In that case, immediately request for blocking the phone number so that no further calls are made through the device.

This is important because lost & stolen phones often have high phone bills because either the customer failed to report or the network carrier didn’t take any action.

Once the old SIM card is blocked, request for a new one. The customer support representative will courier you a new SIM card with the same old number. If you already have O2 sim card with a different number, you can request to convert it into the old number — this will take a few days as O2 team will have to confirm the owner’s identity and block the old phone number.

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