Spending a day after losing my Cell Phone

I lost my mobile phone last week. It was an iPhone, unlocked and in a pretty good condition. My smartphone also had a $99 case on the back and a cheap screen protector in the front. You could say that I cared more about my iPhone 4S than anything else because, honestly, it had everything I wanted — from cute little apps to amazing games and access to the Internet on-the-go.

I was on my way home from college, and that was when I realized I was missing something. You know that feeling when you are walking realising that you are missing something or you have left some precious thing behind. You feel light, and I felt that way. The better feeling vanished away when I reached home and found out that I misplaced my iPhone.

“Did someone take it? I think it was on the desk. God, I hope it’s not stolen.”

I went back to my college and, as expected, I couldn’t find my iPhone. I didn’t activate iCloud on my iPhone, so it was obvious that my precious smartphone is gone (lost in the wind) and I can’t track it anymore. Whoever took it, screw you!

There are billions of people in the world, and most of them have cell phones. While I am not a statistic guru, but in my college everyone has a cell phone — from basic Nokia handsets to crazy iPhones. But that day, one guy didn’t bring a cell phone to college — yes, that’s me. I regretted losing my iPhone, and I regret to not remember where I had kept it.

Next day, when I finally sat down for the class, I decided I want a new phone. I thought I’ll probably go with the new iPhone 5, or maybe I will check out the new Samsung S3 — I have never operated an Android smartphone before, so I was looking forward to all this. But then I said to myself: “do some research, take your time and get a good phone.”

During this research period, I had a day without a phone. And here I will share how that day was, the benefits and the disadvantages of not having a cell phone — I share them all from my point of view.

Spending Time Without a Mobile

The day seemed longer. I had much more time to do things.

As I was on my way to college, pants felt lighter. Freedom has made its way into my world. I was feeling good without the iPhone.

Also, my pockets were much more organized. I had my car keys in my left pocket and wallet in the right. I didn’t have to worry about putting my iPhone with the car keys (this can scratch the surface of my iPhone) anymore.

As I was walking down the streets, I took a couple of quick steps while slightly jumping in between (no one was around at that time). Why? Because I didn’t have to worry about dropping my iPhone. I could run, freely.

As I had nothing “expensive” in my pocket, I could hug strangers (I wish I did that). My wallet, if I remember correctly, had no more than $50 bucks.

There were some issues though. With no phone, I had a lot of time in my hands, but the problem was: how can I use this time? I had very little to do.

My mom and brother in my family usually calls me up sometime in the evening. Now, I don’t have a phone anymore. I never told them that I lost my phone — they would go crazy hearing this! But it is clear that phones are important: they keep us together.

Even friends missed me. They text message me everyday, and today was a different day. I cannot track them down. Are they partying? What are they doing? Oh, I want to access Facebook on my phone — nope, that was not possible.

I missed the Internet. I am a type of guy who accesses Internet on the phone; be it Facebook, Google News, or Twitter, I check them regularly to know what my friends are doing. Today, everyone had an account at Facebook and I didn’t know what they were doing.

Lastly, I use Google Maps frequently and with no phone, I asked God to load my brain with Google Maps. And, I guess, this is what God told me, “you better get a new phone, son.”

— Adam

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