Mobile Stealer: How I Dealt With A Cheater Stealing Phone

Written by Akansha

In this article I want to share with you a unique experience with online mobile phone stealers who try to cheat and steal your smartphone using a sneaky technique. You will see what happened with me and how I played with these low-life mobile scammers in a moment.

OK. So I had a new Apple iPhone that I got to sell because I was leaving for a job next week. The smartphone cost me about Rs. 40000 ($650) and had been used only for 4 months. Rather than give it to a relative (who never appreciates) or sell it to a friend (who will always be NOT convinced that it was the right purchase) I decided to try sites like OLX and Quickr to sell my iPhone.

In a minute I registered an account and posted my mobile phone (with pictures) in the used item categories. The Apple iPhone 5C was looking brand new, thanks to the unique scratch-proof cover, and I demanded Rs. 32000 ($500) for the device which led to…

Lots Of Calls To Purchase My iPhone

Within three hours of posting the ad to sell my iPhone, I had over 8 phone calls. Two of them were potential folks very much interested in what I had to offer. My only worry was that these strangers would turn out to be some sort of scammers… or worse, creepy folks!

And I was right as one of them was actually creepy, and even trying to scam me and get the mobile phone.

Let me explain. Next day one person decided to meet me buy the iPhone at the asked price. I was worried as this was the first time I ever “sold” something online to offline. And I wanted to make sure that I get to see the person in face while handing out the smartphone.

So before meeting I asked two of my friends to join me. They were at my house, and there was nothing better to do. So I get both of them outside hanging around and then this…

Mobile Cheater Arrives

I call him “cheater” for several reasons.

He asked me for my mobile phone and said he is willing to pay only Rs. 16000 ($250) which is half of what I asked. I could have said no, and moved on, but the phone was in his hands already. I felt so dumb. And he said he won’t give it to me unless I agreed at that amount.

Things got heated up in no time. It was my phone, gosh! And he was asserting his control over it. Unbelievable!

Next thing I know, he says he will pay me only Rs. 6000 ($100) for the device. And I sure as hell knew he was kidding. Really, such jokes were totally unfunny that time. Just when I said “no” this leech of a phone scammer ran away with my iPhone, would you believe?

As fast as he could. And I was just shocked for a sec.

My friends crossed eyes with me, and I said “catch him.” We all followed him like crazy. I could hear my heart pounding faster, with full anger on my mind, and I thought no matter what happens I will catch this guy and get him behind the bar for stealing my iPhone.

As we inched closer, we shouted. One guy, who looked like an employee at a retail store, saw us shouting. He was ahead of us and the scammers. What he did was stood in front of the scammer like a goalkeeper and gave him a huge hug. Not a friendly hug, mind you — it’s a hug that squeezes you so tightly that you lose balance and fall to the ground!

Bam! We were so glad that the thief was caught!

Cops from the nearest police station arrived, did what they do the best, and took him to the prison. What happened next was least of my concern at that moment, but a lesson was taught for him and for us.

We realised that before selling a used phone online, it is important NOT to hand over the phone. And even if we do, we should have our friends around to run after the mobile stealer like we did.

And for the criminal who stole our phone: it was a lesson for him too. Hopefully, we will never see such folks who stoop so low to steal a smartphone. I found this story worth sharing here. Mind you, I don’t have any tracking apps installed, so if the device was gone, I would never be able to trace and monitor the iPhone or catch the mobile stealer!

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