How Mobile Tracking Apps Are Misused By Stalkers

At Mylostcellphone we always share with you techniques to find your lost or stolen mobile phones. We even have a dedicated section for tracking lost and stolen phones that shows you various simple ways to track your mobile phone. But here’s something else you should know.

You see, not all mobile tracking apps are used for “tracking mobiles.” Some of these apps are “stalking apps.” And what they will do is find your location and steal your data. That’s right!

It’s scary, but that’s what stalkers are doing at the moment.

Mobile companies out there that develop spying softwares are offering their mobile tracking softwares to anyone who can afford to invest. They will then silently invade your privacy and sell your data to larger companies.

On top of that, we also have “stalkers” who use such apps to stalk someone else. You’d be shocked to read what’s shared by Franken (a US Senator) at a recent meeting. Read on…


Here’s one called SPYERA:

“Most of the time if you think your spouse is being unfaithful, you are right.” “[SPYERA] will be your spy in their pocket.” “[Y]ou will need to sneak your spouse’s phone and download it to their phone.” “After the software is
downloaded… you will be able to see where they are geographically. If your husband is in two counties over from where you live, SPYERA will tell you that.”

Here’s another:

FlexiSPY gives you total control of your partner’s phone without them knowing it… See exactly where the y are, or were, at any given date and time.”

And here’s another quote that’s since been taken down:

“Worried about your spouse cheating?” “Track EVERY text, EVERY call and EVERY Move They make Using our EASY Cell Phone Spy Software.”

These apps can be found online in minutes. And abusers find them and use them to stalk thousands of women around the country”

PDF statement

How Can Consumer Protect From Tracking Apps

Note that most these tracking and monitoring apps cost anywhere between $20 to $50. They are not your typical iPhone tracking apps. These are third-party apps that are installed silently by the stalker.

Now, the Government is putting its effort to encourage mobile companies to follow a certain standard. They want to pass “The Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014” for the benefit of consumers. In this act consumers have the freedom of sharing the information they feel is worth sharing. This way the mobile consumers feel protected and safe from stalkers and mobile companies developing such apps.

FTC is supporting Franken’s Bill as it only makes sense to for variety of reasons.

However, at the time of writing, mobile developers aren’t very supportive of this idea. What happens next is worth waiting for, but for now the stalkers are abusing and misusing apps for their own benefits.

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