LiveViewGPS.COM Website Down

Wish we could “track” why website is no longer working. The website is down for reasons unknown.

If you are familiar with the GPS tracking industry, you will know LiveViewGPS offers one of the most popular GPS tracking product in the market. In real-time you can track and monitor location on your smartphones like iPhone and Android. How cool is that?

But it’s made for businesses that wants to affordably track company’s vehicles, properties, locate assets and keep an eye on drivers. Such GPS tracking systems have been helping in finding location of stolen truck. Here are more links:

But The Live View GPS Website Is Not Working!

It’s funny how guarantees “99.9% server uptime” while their own website is down at the time of writing. Probably it’s one of their bad days.

But the Live View GPS iPhone app has poor ratings of 2 stars on iTunes as well. Not sure what’s going on here, but looks like the “neat” app didn’t satisfy the customers who downloaded ‘em.

And the reason is simple: this GPS tracking app works in conjunction with Live-Trac device. If you don’t have the device with you — which costs $169 excluding subscription fee — the app is pretty much useless on your iOS devices.

All said and done, we hope the site will be up very soon. We will always update you with latest and important news on GPS and tracking till we are exhausted.

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