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Don’t Register a False Complaint Against Your Stolen Phone

Requesting the police to locate a stolen phone is not going to land you behind the bars, you think? Think again because Kyle Thomas was recently arrested for reporting a stolen phone. In reality, he registered a false complaint.

According to Orlando Sentinel, Kyle told the cops that he someone has robbed him off his wallet,

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Fake IMEI Tracking Software Sold In The Name of Unlocking

Reading a few lines of text can easily help you understand whether a software is a genuine one or not. If you have gone through this website, then you will know that we are brutally honest on helping you find mobile phones. In our mobile tracking guide we have also told you that IMEI tracking is not going to help you find the location of your missing phone,

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Using iPad App to Find Stolen iPhone

While what we have mentioned in our mobile tracking guide may seem like common sense, the truth is that finding a lost or stolen iPhone requires you to install or turn ON apps, only then you will be able to effortlessly track the phone’s accurate location.

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Lost Phone Reported and Found Through Instagram Mobile App

Every day thousands of stolen phones are sold in the market. Many thieves are asking money to return phones, but this is an entirely different story.

When you lose a phone, all your accounts linked to apps can go in the wrong hands.

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Apple Releases New Version of Find My iPhone

Apple’s Find My iPhone is a popular location-tracking iOS app that can track any stolen or lost iOS devices has been upgraded to a newer version this week. You can download the new Find My iPhone from the iTunes store or, if you have the app pre-installed on your iPhone,

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SK Telecom Provides Free Service to Find Lost Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Korea’s largest telecom company understands the pain of mobile phone users, which is why they are offering a free mobile tracking service to Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile owner.

How it works:

  • You are a customer of SK Telecom.
  • Say you have lost your Galaxy S4 mobile.

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Fake and Cheap Phones Sold in China Market (Photos)

Chinese handsets are sold in many parts of the world. They are cheap, and sometimes durable. What’s interesting is that these phones are designed to give a premium look. Take for example the image of a box below of a smartphone. Does this remind you of Apple iPhone?


The inside of the box contains a mobile phone,

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How Smart People are Reselling Stolen iPhones for Money

Selling a phone in China is probably the best idea ever. Buying them is a even better idea. Do you think so? Think again, because… you are absolutely right!

Now, as many of you know, reselling stolen iPhones or any smartphone is not legal in most part of the world.

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Missing Phone Owners Calling the Wrong Phone Number Causes Confusion

Thousands of phones are stolen daily, eventually bombarding the cellphone companies with tonnes of complaints on a regular basis. So what can these companies do? It’s simple: strengthen their customer support service by hiring more people. Or simply redirect phone calls to someone else’s number.

This is what happened with Wayne Dobson,

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Pictures Recovered from a Gangster’s Lost Phone

Oh yes, anyone can lose a phone — including gangsters. And these gangsters not only use their phones to make calls but also to click pictures… some very interesting pictures.

A Reddit user recently found a Chinese gangster’s lost phone. He went into the gallery to look at photos.

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