Don’t Register a False Complaint Against Your Stolen Phone

Requesting the police to locate a stolen phone is not going to land you behind the bars, you think? Think again because Kyle Thomas was recently arrested for reporting a stolen phone. In reality, he registered a false complaint.

According to Orlando Sentinel, Kyle told the cops that he someone has robbed him off his wallet, debit card, driver’s license, and his cellular phone. With no option to find these missing items, Kyle filed a complaint hoping that the cops can track everything and return back the stolen stuffs to him.

The investigators used traditional device tracking methods to check Kyle’s call records. This is, if you didn’t know yet, is done by running his mobile phone number through a cellular tracking software, then connecting to the database to obtain the complete call list. From location to IMEI number of the phone, everything is revealed in this list.

Everyone were astonished to see the phone was still active. Calls were made from the phone before and after the phone was stolen. The cops must have checked the IMEI number — which was same — and the phone number as well. No thief would ever use a stolen phone to make calls. Here is how the cops found out that Kyle was misleading them: they looked at the location from where the calls were made. The location the same, which was a solid proof that this was a false complaint.

What happened next? Detectives arrested this person for filing a false complaint which is against the law. After his arrest, even his driving license was found — which was, needless to say, with him!

Question is, why would someone report their own phone as stolen? There can be plenty of reasons. Probably Kyle was looking for compensation from carrier network. Or he had his items, like the mobile phone, tied to an insurance — meaning if the phone was lost he could always claim for a cash back from insurance companies. May be he could use the debit card to buy new stuffs for himself, and he wouldn’t have to pay for them, as it was bank’s fault for not blocking the card immediately.

There can be various reasons why a person tries to cheat the cops, but it’s a lesson learned: never try to report that your phone is stolen unless you are sure!

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