Lost Phone Reported and Found Through Instagram Mobile App

Every day thousands of stolen phones are sold in the market. Many thieves are asking money to return phones, but this is an entirely different story.

When you lose a phone, all your accounts linked to apps can go in the wrong hands. For instance, if you have logged into Gmail app through your iPhone and, say, you have lost the device then someone else can get access to your emails if he/she picks up the device.

On the flip side, a person can also use these apps to notify the owner. Here is one such rare case where some kids have found the owner of the lost mobile phone by using Instagram app.

As reported by Huffingtonpost, designer Kimchi and a friend were out biking and unknowingly they lost the phone. With very little hope to find the missing phone, they decided to head home only to realize that a video was uploaded to the friend’s Instagram account.

This video, which is available on ABCNews, shows three kids leaving a message to the original owner about the missing device. The kids have also added short clips showing off their skateboarding skills along with a final message on how to get back the missing phone.

From ABC News:

“One of the kids was still waiting there at the skate park on the bench, like two hours later, just by himself,” said Way. “They found the phone by some railroad tracks.”

Apparently the boys had even tried calling Way’s mom, who was listed under his “favorites” in his contacts list, but when they couldn’t reach anybody, they decided to make the video. “It just shows their parents are teaching these kids the right values,” Way said.

“They totally could have just kept the phone and done anything with it. But for them to return it, that was just great.”

There’s more to this. The original phone owner said he would thank the boys by taking them out for a dinner. Well, a reward is certainly a good thing.

If everyone returned a lost or missing phone to its original owner, then the percentage of phone theft is bound to reduce.

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