SK Telecom Provides Free Service to Find Lost Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Korea’s largest telecom company understands the pain of mobile phone users, which is why they are offering a free mobile tracking service to Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile owner.

How it works:

  • You are a customer of SK Telecom.
  • Say you have lost your Galaxy S4 mobile. Or someone stole it.
  • You will have to report to the customer service.
  • The lost phone will be locked automatically.

All this sounds great, but how can this help a phone owner to recover his/her lost phone?

Let’s say if someone has stolen your cellphone, and you have already filed a complaint at the SK Telecom’s customer service center. Next the phone will be in a lock mode. In such a case, the thief can see only two options:

  • Contact the original owner
  • Emergency call

All the rest of the functions — all your camera photos, apps, videos, email and messages on your smartphone— cannot be accessed by the thief.

It’s time for other telecom companies to deploy such a feature. This not only helps to track lost phones but also reduces smartphone theft, which has been increased by 8% compared to last year.

Although AT&T carrier has a stolen database where customers can report about their stolen cell phones, but it doesn’t help you with tracking. SK Telecom, on the other hand, is doing a great service by offering such a service free of charge.

However, the SK Telecom’s “Find a lost phone” feature is available only for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners. We hope more phones, even the ones without LTE, will be supported in the next years.

As mentioned on Korea IT Times:

SK Telecom also plans to make this service mounted on all LTE smartphones that will come in the future.

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